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i can try and remember every sunset differently we waited together the cars went underneath us we stood still we held our breath i didn’t know what the words were so i chewed on my tongue your hair was short i had cut it for you because you asked me to i always did what you asked me to you promised me you’d do the same i never asked anything a relationship sitting like a broken swing one chained coiled on the floor empty promises are easy to spit but hard to swallow i chewed on yours a mouth of glass my insides were bleeding but i told you they went down easy one day i caught myself in the reflection normally i’d walk past but this day i stopped ran my fingers through my tasseled hair each of the ends broke off into different directions held my hands up over my face no nails only beds of dried blood empty stomach with a rib cage i could count dark half circles underneath my eyes i couldn’t recognize making small gestures to see if the reflection would copy it was time to go you said the car was parked in the street with the headlights on it started to rain softly and you placed your bag in front of you as you slid into the passenger side standing between the dumpster and car i wondered which one would take me further if i crawled inside we drove two hours in silence i knew it was the end you thought it was the beginning i cried silently you didn’t notice you asked me if i was hungry i answered i was tired we arrived at your house and everything seemed darker i recognized the house by the trees that lined the curb i took your things from the trunk i helped you gather them on the lawn you held me as i held myself i realized in all of our embraces that i thought i coveted it was never you keeping me upright i was doing that on my own i don’t remember the drive home turned off the car but left my keys in the ignition hopped the fence into the backyard thought of you for a moment then thought of me instead

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Acid magazine #2

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روح spirit

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Stag Hill Court, University of Surrey (1970) Murray and Maguire

Images from Arxitecture.

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Erik Brandt, Ficciones Typografika Intermezzo Vier (2013). New remnants and all previous intermezzo collections are here on Typografika.

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