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Lebbeus Woods

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Codex Fejérváry-Mayer (Tezcatlipoca) 

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Infinite Stairs and Dissected Buildings | Marcin Bialas | Socks Studio

Marcin Bialas is a Polish artist who’s specialized in etchings and drawings in black an white. Among his large production, a recurring theme is dissected buildings and surreal constructions, such as infinite staircases and labyrinthine interiors, an atemporal combination of G.B. Piranesi and Brodsky/Utkin prints. The structures seem unfinished, yet already in ruin, able to plunge the viewer into an uncomfortable feeling. Somewhere between nightmares and theatrical settings, Marcin Bialas’ retro drawings explore the dramatic potential of different projections and points of view.

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Hironori Yasuda—hand-rendered patterns. c. 1980s

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Hans Dieter SchaalPaths, Passages and Spaces, c. 1975 (via ryanpanos)

"Hans Dieter Schaal (1943) is a German architect, stage designer, landscape designer, writer and artist. Throughout his whole career he constantly crossed the borders among the different disciplines to produce a unique corpus of works. In his famous 1970′s black and white drawings, Schaal synthesized some of his researches on the continuous space, the relationship between natural settings and man-made structures, the path as a space for representation, always keeping an ironical eye. The repetition of a basic object, like a bed, a door, a curtain, a stairway, becomes the starting point for the construction of an imaginary field of possibilities."

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Ozuma Kanme, Bonten Taro covers