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Trafik, bureau lyonnais de développement graphique et multimédia, a crée une horloge pour iPad bien spécifique. À partir d’un répertoire de 12 registres graphiques distincts,l’horloge aléatoire propose une variété infinie de figures au temps qui passe.

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HOTEL EPISODE UN (by Benjamin Nuel)

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“Merged”, manipulated photos by Lydia Anne McCarthy

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SpaceFiller Chock2d | Processing + spacefiller lib (sf2d)

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Plateau (2010) - Tabor Robak

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GLACIER (2010) - Mark Beasley

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Sunset //// Hector Llanquín

This is a series of digital photographs of sunsets altered by a controlled download error. This files
where bitmap transfered via personal messaging software (adium) from one place to another.
After the file was completely downloaded the transfer is aborted. The final result is that the
bitmap repeats the last horizontal downloaded pixel to complete the image dimensions. This was
administrated by monitoring the downloading process to stop the transfer in a certain point of the
image to create some relation between the image and the error