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Lithographic Pictograms by Patryk Hardziej

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FF Chartwell by Fontfont.

This is a font that isn’t a typeface. Is kind of confusing but is a font that combining numbers you would get charts based on the percentage of those numbers. It’s a pretty interesting and easy solution, specially if you have to handle infographic on illustrator.

You just have to enable the ligatures on the open type section, you can check it here: http://myfonts.us/fE95HC

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Ant Farm, Cadillac Ranch Poster, 1974-1984

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Poles by Accept & Proceed
Temperature and other data from the North and South poles.
210 x 147 mm
Satin finished stainless steel, 175gsm black paper.
Metal laser cut, grained, laser etched; card die cut and laser etched.
Created exclusively for CONTAINER #1:Hot&Cold in an edition of 200.

The London-based design consultancy Accept & Proceed has a thing about graphs and data visualisation. ‘Poles’ is record of temperature and other data, which has been laser-etched onto satin-finished stainless steel.

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Cosmico by Clara Fernández

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