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Audimat: Numero O. Les Siestes Electroniques.


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ISTD 2013 

Book Still The book investigates the concept of information overconsumption. In the 21st century, we are bombarded with vast amounts of information each day as a consequence of the ever-growing digital age. Prior to the introduction of the web, material was harder to source; therefore individuals were more selective over what information they choose to read. This contrast in how we read information today as apposed to pre-digital times inspired me into investigating the processes of navigation and filtering through information on-screen. This book is therefore an outcome of my research and development shown in a publication that represents the day-to-day journey of information consumption that an average person may encounter while browsing online. It expresses how a quick look on Facebook or a browse on YouTube can turn into hours of procrastination or overconsumption of immaterial knowledge.

By Leon Makari

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BY Alexis Wood 

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Reflections on greek postwar architecture

Original Article

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Nathalie Du Pasquier And George Sowden


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3D Renderings für “Earnest & Algernon Love and Creativity

Zitate von Oscar Wilde
Gestaltung Bureau Mirko Borsche

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Fluides Mécaniques • 70 pages • 15€ (Available in March) • Mail me : ph.schaedelin@gmail.com

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