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Building outlines in the Eixample of #Barcelona, today. Original plan laid out in “Projecte de l’eixample i reforma de Barcelona”, by Ildefons Cerdà in 1860. #spain

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Stag Hill Court, University of Surrey (1970) Murray and Maguire

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1910 design for a wireless telegraph tower

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Ant Farm, Inflatocookbook, 1975

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Drawings by OFFICE [Kersten Geers and David Van Severen] (2002–12).

While every attempt of making architecture seems to drift off in rhetorics of programmatic organization and ironic provocation, form and space as such have become a rare good. In our projects we try to counter this by making direct and precise spatial proposals, formal compositions without rhetoric. This literal architecture aims for a phenomenological experience, perhaps despite of its program. 

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crilo architecture | over the meaning of place.

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Diamond Mining Complex by Laura del Pino, Columbia University, Fall 2009.

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Theo van Doesburg, La Cite de Circulation, 1924-1929 

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Pop-Up Shop with Infinite Illuminated Grid via My Modern Met

A tiny store in Warsaw received a radical makeover by Polish architects Super Super and Inside/Outside.

The temporary pavilion inside the mobile office container houses the clothing retailer Zuo Corp. Once you step inside, you are greeted by a mesmerizing mirrored room! Mirrors line not just the walls of the shop, but the ceiling, and the edges are fitted with LED lighting to appear as an infinite illuminated grid, much like the movie Tron. Ironically, there are no mirrors in the dressing rooms.

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